Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2 Perception Stories

  1)  The story of the 6 blind men and the Elephant.
a.      In short, there is an elephant in a village and the 6 blind have never encountered an elephant. So they go to check him out. 1 feels the leg and says an elephant is like a pillar. 1 feels the tail and says no elephants are like a rope. 1 feels its ear and says no its like a big hand fan. This goes on w/ the others.
b.      The message though is that all had a very real perception of what an elephant is, none were wrong but none could agree.
c.      We need to keep that perspective when communicating about our jobs, family, communities, country, planet. That though we may not agree, the other person might not be wrong.

        2) Steve Hagen Buddhism Plain and Simple
a.      A guys goes camping and someone breaks into his convertible car looking for change, trashes the top, etc. He’s furious, how could someone just do that?! Well as it turns out it was a raccoon looking for food.

b.      So the world doesn’t change when your perception changes, but your world changes when your perception of it changes.

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